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blanx story

During an expedition to the Arctic and Scandinavian regions, scientists noticed that the locals had extraordinarily white teeth. As it turns out that were rubbing their teeth with a lichen that grew locally. And in abundance too.

They discovered that the lichen had natural anti-bacterial properties. It combated the harmful micro-organisms that would cause plaque to form, as well as other factors which caused teeth discolouration.

From this discovery, the Italian researchers studied and then isolated the active components in the Arctic lichen. This lead to BlanX developing the unique toothpaste with its patented formula.


BlanX works. It will not work miracles, as the best any at home treatment can do is restore your natural whiteness. But when we claim up to 4 shades whiter, we mean up to 4 shades whiter, on the official A1-D4 Classic LIFE scale.

Research at the University of Pavia, in Italy, has demonstrated the whitening effect of BlanX toothpaste over 15 and 30 days. It is important to note that the effect builds over time, so use BlanX toothpastes for 30 days to get the full benefit. BlanX whitening kits work more quickly – WhiteShock over 2 weeks and O3X over 5 days.

So use the BlanX kits for quicker results, but for long term benefits brush daily with BlanX toothpaste.


BlanX uses a special formula which contains extracts of natural Arctic Lichen to whiten teeth in a non-abrasive way. BlanX also contains fluoride salts to reinforce the enamel, enhancing the brightness of the teeth. Each BlanX product comes with a BlanXometer which you can use to measure your progress.


BlanX contains active ingredients which contain high anti-bacterial properties which protect the tooth enamel from plaque, cavities and common oral diseases.


All BlanX products are non-abrasive and peroxide free in order to protect the tooth enamel and whiten safely and effectively.


The original BlanX toothpastes. Using fluoride, Arctic lichens and high quality silicas, these daily toothpastes naturally whiten your teeth and fight plaque and bacteria without damaging your gums or enamel.


The unique combination of the O3X Active Molecular Oxygen and Arctic Lichen remove deep stains, making teeth intensely white in just a few days.

The innovative O3X formula is effective and free from side effects: gentle on gums, it’s non-abrasive, peroxide-free and does not cause sensitivity. Simple to use every day and in every situation and just takes 10 minutes per application.

• Professional results in 5 days
• Gentle on gums
• Just 10 minutes a day. Easy to use
• No hypersensitivity
• Safe for implants and fillings

white shock

The BlanX White Shock range is based on our double-patented Actilux® formula which fights bacteria and plaque to restore a natural white smile through light. With immediate results.

The micro-crystals found in Actilux® bind to the enamel of your teeth during regular brushing, creating an invisible barrier that blocks the causes of yellowing which lasts all day.

Actilux® is activated through natural light, or can be boosted for maximum whitening and antibacterial effect through the BlanX LED accelerator. So, the more you smile, the whiter your teeth.

The BlanX White Shock Range also contains the non-abrasive Arctic Lichen formula, is peroxide free and enamel-safe. The use of the LED light performs an even more intense whitening action.
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